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Beaten (Surviving Southside) - Suzanne Weyn This book was alright. I felt like it was written half-assed which surprised me because I read a few of Weyn's other books and they were a lot better than this one.

This book dealt with an abusive relationship. Ty, whose a H.S. football player, ends up beating his girlfriend Paige. She makes up excuses for him even after hes arrested for beating her in public.

I wanted to like this book but it breezed through everything so quickly. There were about 23 chapters and each chapter was at most 5 pages each. Time went by very quickly in the book. Weeks passed as you start a new chapter. Paige just seemed fake. She said all the right things a battered women would say but it was without feeling. You don't get to know the characters really well. From one page to the next Ty goes from being a loving caring gentle boyfriend to smacking her in the face. There is no escalation from getting angry and yelling to the eventual abuse that you read about other books. Paige has no growth and continues to make excuses for Ty even while she is testifying against him, saying that she shouldn't have made him mad. She finally realizes on the last page that Ty or any man has no reason to hit her.

I wanted to like this book but I couldn't really. I just felt that if an author is going to tackle such a huge and sensitive issue like this, that it should be done right, not half assed. The book could have been so much more than it is.

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