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Enshadowed - Kelly Creagh I am so excited to read this book. I've been waiting for it for two years. Review to come!

Contains Spoilers

I just finished reading this book in one sitting. I just gotta say... WTF? But I mean WTF in a good way. The book was awesome, not as good as the first book (Nevermore) in the trilogy but still good.

First of all, I like how Isobel's family plays a prominent role in this book and in Nevermore as well. I've read many paranormal and young adult books where the parents are no where to be found or are not involved in their kid's life. That's not the case in this trilogy. Isobel's parents act like parents which makes the book more realistic. She gets grounded after lying to her parents as she should. She has a bratty brother which I can relate to because I have a younger brother too (hes 14). The things Danny said throughout both books had me cracking up because they are so thing that my brother would and has said to me. That being said, I do not like how Isobel's parents feel about Varen. I mean her dad made a snap judgement on him based on his appearence without even talking to him. That was very shallow on his part especially since Varen was a nicer guy that Brad ever would of been.

I liked how the reader found out more about Lillith and Reynolds, even though they are both assholes. I also liked how we see more of Gwen in the book. She is hilarious and the comic relief that was needed throughout the book. I also really liked the dream in the rose garden where Varen takes Isobel and tells her he's waiting for her. It was sweet and romantic.

I didn't like how Varen was not in the but very much. I guess the point of this book was to see how Isobel was going to get to him. I found that they way Varen communicated with Isobel through the mirrors were kinda creepy especially when he showed up at the wrong time with out knowing the context of the situation he was seeing.

I also liked how Pinfeathers changed in the book as well, and how he defended and protected Isobel when she was in the dream world again. I was sad to see him die. However I do realize that since Pinfeathers changed to become "Sweeter" to Isobel, that meant that Varen became bad/evil towards her. I mean I know he saw some things that he thought were something that it wasn't and that he had a demon filling his head with lies about Isobel but really his feelings for her changed just like that? Without giving her a chance to explain? Even with all the outside interference he knew,deep down, that Isobel loves him. But instead of realizing it at this point in the trilogy, he throws her off a cliff in the dream world instead.

Yes you read right. He threw her off a cliff. I mean could it have hurt him to talk to her first before throwing her off a cliff? What ever happened to letting her explain and show him that she loves him? With all the stuff Isobel had to deal with (parent, school, cheerleading), her feelings of love about Varen, her feeling about how she left him in the dream world, all the work, planning and lying it took her to get to the dream world, the betrayal to her family just to get to him, you'd think she'd catch a break. But noo. She gets thrown off a cliff by the love of her life after she had just found him. And now when she wakes up in the real world, all battered, bruised and broken, she has to deal with the fact and the knowledge that Varen threw her off a cliff and what that means. Poor Isobel. Then at the very end, Varen realizes that Isobel did really come for him, when he finds her butterfly watch. only THEN he realizes what he's done and then he feels guilty and sad. Don't get me wrong I love Varen; he's hot, sexy, sweet and is my book boyfriend as well as my favorite character but dude he really fucked up.

All I gotta say is that all this shit better get fixed up in the last book of the trilogy. Varen and Isobel better end up together or I am seriously going to have a cow. I also hope the author releases the last book sometime in 2013 instead of making us wait two years like we had to for this book. I can't wait that long. The suspense is killing me. :D