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Token of Darkness

Token of Darkness - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes I really liked this book. It was nice to see Atwater Rhode's take on witches, sorcers and other beings because she usually writes about vampires. I liked the characters of Cooper, Samantha and Brent. I thought that Cooper's struggle to deal with the accident was real and interesting to read. I myself had been in a fairly bad car accident but I did not experience anything like Cooper had after my accident. It was was also interesting to read about Cooper's new powers to switch people into different bodies.

I also liked the character of Samantha. Although some of the other characters thought she was evil, I agreed with Cooper and never thought she was. She was just too innocent for me to think she was evil. I thought she was genuine with her emotions and that she was just someone who couldn't remember anything about herself. Even when she recalled being an elemental, she was not evil and she tried to comfort Margaret when she was crying and she even tried to save her from the shadow things. I gave to say I was glad when everyone realized she was one of the good guys.

I also really liked the character of Brent. Of all the supernatural powers I have ever read about in books, I think telepathy is one of the worst ones. Its like people are in your head 24/7 unless you control it and it can drive you crazy. When I watch True Blood and hear what Sookie hears, it would drive me crazy. I like how Brent is not fully in control of his power because it shows that for some people control over powers takes time and not everyone becomes a master of it over night. Brent had to struggle to keep his shields up around other people and sometimes it just didn' t work. It made his character more real to me.

I did not like Ryan or Delilah. Ryan was all hyped up to be a great guy, who helped Brent with his telepathy but really he was an asshole and I wanted to punch him in the face a few times. I was glad when Samantha knocked him out. I also did not like Delilah; I thought she was a selfish bitch who wanted to get what she wants no matter who it hurt. To be honest I wouldn't have minded if she died at the end of the book- but alas the bitch is still alive. She just rubbed me the wrong way and I felt no sympathy for her when she almost bit the dust.

All in all a great book.